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Information Technology Consulting

New Tech Vision, your IT consulting partner!

We are offering IT consulting services since 1997. We work with a strong understanding of your business needs to carve out results that meet your long-term goals.

When companies more clearly define their operating models with fresh targets, they are often compelled to either start a new IT project or to quickly complete one they have already begun. Our world today is being changed by emerging technologies — how we communicate, how we shop, how we work together, and even how we live our lives. In order for businesses to receive the maximum benefits from digital technology, they need to implement digital solutions for their combined business and IT strategies to produce growth and innovation in their businesses. New Tech Vision provides well experienced people from our varied specializations to work hand in hand with our clients to implement superb IT operations and to gain clearer understanding of the effective use of digital technology in today’s emerging market place.

Enhance Profitability and Project Delivery with Expert Information Technology Consulting!

New Tech Vision is an experienced Information Technology Consulting Firm, who regularly works with world industry leaders in building E-commerce sites, developing customer web applications, and creating cutting-edge cloud services and mobile apps. We have found IT solutions that work and those which have not done as well, so our clients can gain knowledge from our experiences. We know all the important points that make web solutions a success instead of failure. Over a span of more than seventeen years, our continuing High Performance IT Research department has created powerful intellectual property materials for our clients, suggesting appropriate technologies, methodologies and diagnostic tools that have enabled our clients to achieve their business objectives in a quicker time frame, as well as cutting costs and risks. Our consultants review every business idea thoroughly to ensure the best outcome, using some of the following representative methods:

  • Complete analysis of business processes,
  • Determining through web feasibility studies if the product is needed online or not,
  • Studying the web strategy of any online competition to see if there will be any effects on the new product,
  • Forecasting profits through comparing the involved risks to profitability.

After the first analysis work has been completed, New Tech Vision’s consultants work closely with your own design and development team to bring your product ideas to full fruition. After the product or system launch, our consultants continue to assist you in improving your web presentation as the web markets progresses. New Tech Vision team has an added advantage of having the technical support of full-time engineers who are located in the same location.

We believe that a company’s technology architecture should support its business goals, not constrain it.  Our IT consulting services focus on the strategic needs of our clients to determine the most beneficial technology framework that transforms your vision into a reality.

Our team of IT consultants has extensive experience in serving varied industries around the world. We draw on this global experience to access your business needs to design and deliver efficient solutions that create an unwavering balance between what is needed and what is available.

We assist you to reinvent your technology infrastructure and help you cut through the noise of fleeting technology trends to create prime quality results. By solving the technology-related challenges, we help to drive your business growth, execute business strategies, and reduce costs.

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